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So, yeah, on June 4th (which, yes, was a long time ago, but I just got the pictures on my computer today), I went to Pierrefonds with my family! It was pretty awesome.

Picspam/set report below:

The view of the castle from the taxi!

View before the stairs, on the way up!

Crossbow slits ran along the outer wall-thingy (before the stairs). It'd have to be crossbows, and not arrows, because they're too close to the ground for a bow.

On the way up, my brother pretended to be a not so very cool archer.

Outside the castle, the random catapult (I think)!

The road to/from Camelot that everyone takes (except us).

In all it's Medieval glory!

The drawbridge!

And, what do you know, after we'd arrived outside the castle and were taking exterior shots and everything, a nice shiny silver car pulls up, and who gets out but...COLIN MORGAN, SARAH PARISH, AND ANTHONY HEAD (you can kind of see them in this creepy picture I took).

THE hallway that people walk down all the time! Obviously, this is taken from the gift shop area, and you can see the schoolchildren's backpacks.

The lizard drain!

The main doors, kind of blocked off. :\

Into the castle!

Fleur-de-lis from episode 2.

The stairs leading to Morgana's room (awkward angle because the area was roped off).

The gryphon statue beside it.

They left these two banners out, and I guess they took them away later....?

It is only a model, after all.

Pictures taken discreetly from a window!

More filming pics....also, Colin likes to move around a lot?

The balcony!

The doors complete with guards and a random knight.

This goes to the bathroom (the plaque you can make out on the left is a sign pointing to the toilets).

For some reason, there are cushions (I'm guessing Lady Catrina's), that they apparently tie to the third horse with the baskets on it.

Sneaky picture taken of Sarah Parish touching up on her make-up and ASH checking his cell, excuse me, mobile phone. Colin left around this point.

What do you know, they do put the cushions on the third horse!

Sarah Parish on a horse.

Sometime around this point, I went back into the castle while my parents and younger brother watched the filming.

The very messy balcony, as seen from a window.

The AMAZING throne room!

Uther's throne!

The Camelot village set they were building, from an open window.

This door led up to the battlements (that my brother really wanted to go up to), but it was locked. :(

Right outside the throne room (when I backtracked from the battlements), evidence for the legitimacy of the Narnia/Merlin crossover stuff that [livejournal.com profile] be_themoon, [livejournal.com profile] bedlamsbard, and [livejournal.com profile] lassiterfics worked on (mostly in comments).

The door to the balcony, also locked.

For some reason, CHICKENS.

Remember this from 1.01? For some reason, it's here again. ...Now why would that be?

And, to end with...

COLIN MORGAN! I'm there too, but we only want to focus on Colin (and becuase I forgot to crop me out, and now I'm too lazy to do it). Yes, well, while he, Sarah Parish, and ASH were waiting for the crew to finish setting up, I kind of awkwardly approached him and asked for a picture. Then ran away to the toilets. *sheepish*
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