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♫ So, remember the second TV show meme I did, the one about the shapeshifters? Well, first off, I finally decided that the Force was based in Pittsburgh, and secondly, that I have an episode guide for it!

♫ Well, half an episode guide. I've only gotten up to the midseason finale at this point, but I thought I might as well post what I have so far.

1.01 “Shoot”: James Kensington, a college freshman, returns home for summer break, only to be suddenly introduced to the Force, an underground shapeshifter group, by his best friend, Nicholas Dunn. Meanwhile, the members of the shapeshifter extermination crack team E10 assemble for another mission and the Director of Northeast Directory 3 (of which the Force is a part of) is shot by a mysterious gunman.

1.02 “Smooth Sailing”: It is revealed that the shot inflicted on George Hamstead, the Northeast Directory 3 Director, was fatal, and he is quickly and quietly replaced by Carlos Malowskey. At the same time, James is settling into life with the Force and discovering the very real danger of the city gangs.

1.03 “Veritas”: Nicholas reveals his ability to his family, and is met with mixed reactions while Derek informs the Force about the new Director. The reason behind Maria’s inability to change and Amelia and Julie’s changes are also revealed after a false alarm causes a scare.

1.04 “Judgment Day”: A miscreant member of the Force is brought before the “council.” During the “trial,” Derek favors a harsher punishment, but Julie does not. Nicholas and James also take sides, along with most other members. Meanwhile, Anton makes his contempt of shapeshifters well known.

1.05 “In a Past Life”: A flashback episode, following James and Nicholas through middle and high school, beginning with the discovery of their abilities through James’ acceptance into Northwestern. Throughout the episode, the boys inadvertently encounter various members of the Force.

1.06 “Criminal Justice”: The outcome of the miscreant’s case, which was taken to a higher shapeshifter court, is revealed. Its circulation leads to James and Julie questioning the ethics of the Region court. Amelia and Derek, however, stand by the court’s decision, leading to more internal dissent. While this all happens, Nicholas, in an attempt to relieve the stress, sets James up with Lamis, which ends rather poorly.

1.07 “Level Up”: Amelia leaves temporarily to help another city group in a Louisiana directory, while Julie is promoted at work, drawing attention from the Directors and Regionals.

1.08 “Raptor”: James begins stealing from different stores around the city after Lamis voices her concern about living off Derek and the others’ hospitality for over a year. However, he doesn’t tell anyone where the money is coming from. This is not met well by the inspectors the Regionals send to each Directory. Meanwhile, Maria’s hair begins to redden mysteriously.

1.09 “Trial and Error”: The inspectors take James to the Region headquarters in Philadelphia for drawing unnecessary attention to shapeshifters. Nicholas attempts to follow them, but runs into an undercover worker for the Changeling Normalization Department instead. The worker holds him captive in his apartment, but he manages to escape after two days and reunites with James. Meanwhile, Amelia returns to Pittsburgh.

1.10 “Domestic Infelicity”: While James and Nicholas have trouble returning to Pittsburgh, Derek faces trouble at work when Anton is promoted and he isn’t. Meanwhile, Angela and her crack team arrive in the city and begin stirring up trouble with the gangs.

1.11 “Medicine”: James and Nicholas finally manage to return and are welcomed back by the Force. However, Amelia is forced to stay overnight at the hospital, missing a group meeting, and almost gets caught changing as a result. Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, a meeting with the Northeast Directors and the Regional is held, but no one knows why.

1.12 “Dark Horse”: The Force learns about the treatment James received in Philadelphia and Derek resolves to discover the reason why the shapeshifter government is becoming more and more like the Normalization Department. Nicholas manages to reconcile a little with his parents, but his brother refuses to accept him back, while James attempts to get a real paying job. Additionally, Lamis receives a mysterious package with no return address and a man claiming to be a shapeshifter stumbles upon the Force’s headquarters.

1.13 “Arson”: In the midseason finale, the Force is subject to a series of attacks by different, exceedingly well-armed gangs around the city. While attempting to recoup their losses, they are confronted with a series of refugees seeking shelter from the increasingly public gangs. The gang fights continue to get worse, and as the number of injured shapeshifters increase and the medical supplies dwindle, Julie finally discovers that the government is behind the attacks. The Force makes one more stand against the gangs, who are joined by members of the government crack teams. They manage to survive, only to discover that their headquarters had been burned down in the fight.

♫ So, after a crazy weekend (musical! no homework weekend! driving!), I have school again. BLEH. DO NOT WANT. But next week is spring break, and I'm going to New York City, baby! School theatre trip, and we're seeing Wicked. VERY excited 8)
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